Eastern Star Picnic at Millwood on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at noon.
Please bring your picnic favorites.
Appalachian Music will be provided by "Harmony Creek Junction."
Brennan Wood, son of Dale and Nancy Wood started this band. They are GREAT!


Starry Starry Night
Honoring West Virginia's General Grand Chapter Appointed Officers
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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The 2014 Grand Chapter Session Tentative Program is online,
click here to view

For printing click here


Grand Chapter Session
October 2-4, 2013

Pre-registration and Housing Forms
(Its never too early to pre-register)
Tentative Program to view or print

Nancy Hitchman, Worthy Grand Matron
Tiskelwah Chapter 45, Charleston
Email: wgm@wveasternstar.org

Charlie Chandler, Worthy Grand Patron
Princeton Chapter No. 53, Princeton
Email: wgp@wveasternstar.org

Tony Kay Meadow
Associate Grand Matron
Harriville Chapter No. 29
Email: agm@wveasternstar.org

Doyle Asbury
Associate Grand Patron
Chelyan Chapter No. 101
Email: agp@wveasternstar.org

Carolyn Davis
Grand Secretary

Philippi Chapter No. 41
Email: gsec@wveasternstar.org

Mary EllenDay
Grand Treasurer

Guyandotte Chapter No. 89
Email: gtreas@wveasternstar.org

Fran Lemley
Grand Conductress
Morgantown Chapter No. 35
Email: gcond@wveasternstar.org

Jean Calhoun
Associate Grand Conductress

Marcum Chapter No. 61
Email: agcond@wveasternstar.org

Bill Shockey
Grand Chaplain
Rowlesburg Chapter No. 127
Email: gchap@wveasternstar.org

Sam Mancari
Grand Marshal

R. Douglass Chapter No. 15
Email: gmarshal@wveasternstar.org

Dell Wood
Grand Organist

Alderson Chapter No. 119
Email: gorganist@wveasternstar.org

Norine Waugamn
Grand Adah

Good Hope Chapter No. 109

Email: gadah@wveasternstar.org

Rosemary Bearfield
Grand Ruth
Franklin Chapter No.138

Email: gruth@wveasternstar.org

Sharon Och
Grand Esther

Moundsville Chapter No. 86
Email: gesther@wveasternstar.org

Vaughna Copley
Grand Martha

Marcum Chapter No. 61
Email: gmartha@wveasternstar.org

Janet Hughes
Grand Electa

Linden Chapter No. 152
Email: gelecta@wveasternstar.org

Millie Cox
Grand Warder

Crum Chapter No. 160

Greg Kennedy
Grand Sentinel

Buckhannon Chapter No. 18
Email: gsentinel@wveasternstar.org

Patsy Nelson, PGM

Grand Trustee

Randolph Chapter No. 74
Email: gtrustee1@wveasternstar.org

Bill Greenleaf, PGP
Grand Trustee

Wetzel Chapter No. 27
Email: gtrustee2@wveasternstar.org

Lisa Braithwaite
Grand Trustee

Berkeley Chapter No. 77
Email: gtrustee3@wveasternstar.org

Jim Porter
Grand Trustee

Tiskelwah Chapter No. 45
Email: gtrustee5@wveasternstar.org

Vernon Barley, PGP
Grand Trustee

Wilolia Chapter No. 59
Email: gtrustee4@wveasternstar.org



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