There has been a fuel oil spill into the water supply resulting in the water being shut off to avoid contamination. The area will be without water for several days. This makes it impossible to have Grand Visitation as scheduled this Friday, January 30th. All restaurants and motels are closed as well as several businesses, clinics, schools, etc. The Worthy Grand Matron is reviewing her schedule and has tentatively set April 16 as the make-up date.

Grand Visitations In January

Friday, January 30th, Lewisburg Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, January 31st, Wakoma Chapter @2:00

Friday, February 6th, Linden Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, February 7th, Thelma Chapter @ Clendenin @ 2:00

Monday, February 9th, Milton Chapter @ 7:30
Tuesday, February 10th, Barboursville Chapter @ 7:30
Friday, February 13th, Madison Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, February 14th, Tiskelwah Chapter @ Charleston @ 2:00

Tuesday, February 16th, Hamlin Chapter @ 7:30
Thursday, February 19th, Hurricane Chapter @ 7:00
Friday, February 20th, Hamlin Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, February 21st, Guyandotte Chapter @ 2:00

Monday, February 23rd, Good Hope Chapter @7:30
Tuesday, February 24th, Weirton Chapter @ 7:30
Friday, February 27th, St. Albans Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, February 28th, Charleston Chapter @ 2:00

Toni Kay Meador, Worthy Grand Matron
Harrisville Chapter 29, Harrisville
Email: wgm@wveasternstar.org

Doyle Asbury, Worthy Grand Patron
Chelyan Chapter No. 101, Chelyan
Email: wgp@wveasternstar.org

Fran Lemley
Associate Grand Matron
Morgantown Chapter No. 35
Email: agm@wveasternstar.org

Greg Kennedy
Associate Grand Patron
Buckhannon Chapter No. 18
Email: agp@wveasternstar.org

Carolyn Davis
Grand Secretary

Philippi Chapter No. 41
Email: gsec@wveasternstar.org

Jim Porter
Grand Treasurer

Tiskelwah Chapter No. 45
Email: gtreas@wveasternstar.org

Jean Calhoun
Grand Conductress
Marcum Chapter No. 61
Email: gcond@wveasternstar.org

Linda Thomas
Associate Grand Conductress

South Charleston No. 131
Email: agcond@wveasternstar.org

Geary Pauley
Grand Chaplain
Tiskelwah Chapter No. 45
Email: gchap@wveasternstar.org

Frank Wooters
Grand Marshal

Vienna Chapter No. 151
Email: gmarshal@wveasternstar.org

Jane Mullen
Grand Organist

Pennsboro Chapter No. 26
Email: gorganist@wveasternstar.org

Mary Lou Hyre
Grand Adah

Alethea Chapter No. 82 Rock Cave

Email: gadah@wveasternstar.org

Lila Hart
Grand Ruth
St. Marys Chapter No.31

Email: gruth@wveasternstar.org

Regina Skeen
Grand Esther

Ripley Chapter No. 17
Email: gesther@wveasternstar.org

Sharon Ofsa
Grand Martha

Athens Chapter No. 33
Email: gmartha@wveasternstar.org

Sandy Dumire
Grand Electa

Queen Esther Chapter No. 11
Email: gelecta@wveasternstar.org

Irene Alt
Grand Warder

Petersburg Chapter No. 146
Email: gwarder@wveasternstar.org

Bill Hussell
Grand Sentinel
Mason Chapter No. 158
Email: gsentinel@wveasternstar.org

Lisa Braithwaite
Grand Trustee

Berkeley Chapter No. 77
Email: gtrustee1@wveasternstar.org

Bill Greenleaf, PGP
Grand Trustee

Wetzel Chapter No. 27
Email: gtrustee2@wveasternstar.org

Dee Wanner, PGM
Grand Trustee

Thelma Chapter No. 24
Email: gtrustee3@wveasternstar.org

Cindy Strakal, PGM
Grand Trustee

Golden Rule Chapter No. 69
Email: gtrustee5@wveasternstar.org

Vernon Barley, PGP
Grand Trustee

Wilolia Chapter No. 59
Email: gtrustee4@wveasternstar.org



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