Everyone going on the WGM’s trip needs to get their money in to Jean Calhoun, immediately. For questions, call Jean.

Grand Visitations

Monday, April 13, Marlinton Chapter @ 7:30
Tuesday, April 14, Peterstown Chapter @ 7:30
Friday, April 17, Bramwell Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, April 18, Princeton Chapter @ 2:00

Wednesday, April 22, Moorefield Chapter @ 7:30
Thursday, April 23, Alkire Chapter @ Keyser @ 7:30
Friday, April 24, Franklin Chaper @ 7:30
Saturday, April 25, Petersburg Chapter @ 2:00

Thursday, April 30, Elizabeth Chapter @ Williamson @ 7:30
Saturday, May 2, Chelyan Chapter @ 2:00

Thursday, May 7, Shepherdstown Chapter @ 7:30
Friday, May 8, Charles Town Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, May 9, Golden Rule Chapter @ Martinsburg @ 2:00

Monday, May 11, Newburg Chaper @ 7:30
Tuesday, May 12, Wetzel Chapter @ 7:30
Saturday, May 16, Harrisville Chapter @ 2:00

Toni Kay Meador, Worthy Grand Matron
Harrisville Chapter 29, Harrisville
Email: wgm@wveasternstar.org

Doyle Asbury, Worthy Grand Patron
Chelyan Chapter No. 101, Chelyan
Email: wgp@wveasternstar.org

Fran Lemley
Associate Grand Matron
Morgantown Chapter No. 35
Email: agm@wveasternstar.org

Greg Kennedy
Associate Grand Patron
Buckhannon Chapter No. 18
Email: agp@wveasternstar.org

Carolyn Davis
Grand Secretary

Philippi Chapter No. 41
Email: gsec@wveasternstar.org

Jim Porter
Grand Treasurer

Tiskelwah Chapter No. 45
Email: gtreas@wveasternstar.org

Jean Calhoun
Grand Conductress
Marcum Chapter No. 61
Email: gcond@wveasternstar.org

Linda Thomas
Associate Grand Conductress

South Charleston No. 131
Email: agcond@wveasternstar.org

Geary Pauley
Grand Chaplain
Tiskelwah Chapter No. 45
Email: gchap@wveasternstar.org

Frank Wooters
Grand Marshal

Vienna Chapter No. 151
Email: gmarshal@wveasternstar.org

Jane Mullen
Grand Organist

Pennsboro Chapter No. 26
Email: gorganist@wveasternstar.org

Mary Lou Hyre
Grand Adah

Alethea Chapter No. 82 Rock Cave

Email: gadah@wveasternstar.org

Lila Hart
Grand Ruth
St. Marys Chapter No.31

Email: gruth@wveasternstar.org

Regina Skeen
Grand Esther

Ripley Chapter No. 17
Email: gesther@wveasternstar.org

Sharon Ofsa
Grand Martha

Athens Chapter No. 33
Email: gmartha@wveasternstar.org

Sandy Dumire
Grand Electa

Queen Esther Chapter No. 11
Email: gelecta@wveasternstar.org

Irene Alt
Grand Warder

Petersburg Chapter No. 146
Email: gwarder@wveasternstar.org

Bill Hussell
Grand Sentinel
Mason Chapter No. 158
Email: gsentinel@wveasternstar.org

Lisa Braithwaite
Grand Trustee

Berkeley Chapter No. 77
Email: gtrustee1@wveasternstar.org

Bill Greenleaf, PGP
Grand Trustee

Wetzel Chapter No. 27
Email: gtrustee2@wveasternstar.org

Dee Wanner, PGM
Grand Trustee

Thelma Chapter No. 24
Email: gtrustee3@wveasternstar.org

Cindy Strakal, PGM
Grand Trustee

Golden Rule Chapter No. 69
Email: gtrustee5@wveasternstar.org

Vernon Barley, PGP
Grand Trustee

Wilolia Chapter No. 59
Email: gtrustee4@wveasternstar.org



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